Network Services

We offer premium Multi-Service Internet Transit (MSIT) with flexible bandwidth to meet your dynamic business needs. With DDoS protection and automatic failover to protect you from breaches, MSIT can be combined with Routing as a Service (RaaS) and Switching as a Service (SwaaS).

Multi Service Internet Transit (MSIT)

Professionally managed 24x7x365.

Automatic ISP failover and fibre entrance diversity protects you from failures and outages.

DDoS Protection protects your network from vulnerabilities, thereby reducing downtime.

Flexible IP address options eliminates the complexity to obtain IPs from ARIN.

Flexible bandwidth options for your diverse business needs.

Routing as a Service (RaaS)

Our professionally managed routing solution can reduce your network downtime and increase availability and productivity. RaaS can be added to your existing MSIT service.

Professionally managed routing solution reduces the complexity for a multi-homed network.

Dual link design reduces business downtime due to single points of failure.

Router security hardening protects you from intrusions based on industry best practices.

Advanced configuration provides value-added features such as quality of service and hot standby router protocol.

Switching as a Service (SwaaS)

Our managed switching solution is used for business growth and expansion requirements and removes the need to implement and support a network environment. SwaaS can be added to your existing MSIT service.

Professionally managed switching solution increases efficiency for network expansion.

High performance intelligent platform supports higher speeds for growing demand.

Flexible port types support Cat6 and Fibre ports.

Why Bell MTS Data Centres


With 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre and onsite security personnel, we are able to detect and react to the first sign of intrusions. Our second floor data hall provides additional protection from breaches, including overland flooding.


We provide a carrier neutral facility for your connectivity needs with multiple diverse paths providing reliable network connectivity to your equipment.

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Uptime Institute Tier III design certified