We provide high quality colocation service in our Tier III design certified facility with 100% site access to authorized customer personnel and greater than 99.999% power availability.

Security & Access

  • 100% 24x7x365 unescorted authorized customer access
  • Dual factor authentication (proximity card and matching biometrics)
  • 24x7x365 Network operations Centre and onsite security personnel
  • Private and customizable security options available

Data Hall

  • 25,000 sq. ft. of white space
  • N+1 Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) units
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) monitoring
  • 3 ft. raised floor with 1500 lb./sq. ft. tile point rating
  • Ceiling is designed with premium grid attachment to eliminate malfunctions caused by zinc whiskers
  • Wholesale options based on allocated power

Power Configuration

  • Standard power options 1.0 kW – 5.0 kW with higher density power options available
  • Continuous redundant A/B power at the Power Distribution Units (PDU) level
  • Intelligent PDUs include 20 x C13 outlets and 6 x C19 outlets
  • Usage-based pricing options available


  • Standard cabinet dimensions: 24” Width x 48” Depth x 48U Height, 19” EIA
  • Open mesh on front and back doors
  • Hot aisle containment deployed to ensure cabinet cooling efficiency
  • Customizable cabinet options available


  • Each standard colocation cabinet is contained within a 9ft tall security cage
  • Private and customizable cage configurations available

How does this benefit my business?


Save the capital expenditure required to build, operate and maintain a data centre of your own. We have all the tools required to provide high quality colocation services for your business.


With dual factor authentication for access control throughout, our facility ensures protection of your equipment.

Onsite Staff Skills

We have the specialized personnel onsite to monitor our building’s infrastructure and ensure building security.

Disaster Recovery

We provide a safe and secure place for business continuity and data storage.

Why choose Bell MTS Data Centres


With 24x7x365 Network Operations Centre and onsite security personnel, we are able to detect and react to the first sign of intrusions. Our second floor data hall provides additional protection from breaches, including overland flooding.


We provide a carrier neutral facility for your connectivity needs with multiple diverse paths providing reliable network connectivity to your equipment.

Learn more from a Bell MTS Data Centres specialist.

Uptime Institute Tier III design certified